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Is Google finding your website? Does it appear in searches? Is your website giving Google what it needs?

Search engines constantly scan the internet to find and update its list of live websites. When a website appears in a search, this shows it has been “indexed”. But if your website is not supplying enough of the right information, you could be invisible or be buried way down the list.

A first step would be to find out how visible your website is to the search engines and see what information it is supplying.

We can do this by asking your website for these details (a crawl report).

Website analyser

Website Analyser checks your entire website and gives you a report on what is being presented to the search engines. This includes any issues that may have a detrimental effect on where and how the website appears when searched for. A score out of 100 is produced along with information to help improve that score.

To help we include a 15 minute online meeting or telephone conversation to get you started and  help you get the most from the information the report provides.The report is supplied in PDF format.

Report cost is £30 +VAT including 15 minutes contact time – via telephone or online meeting

What next?

  • Purchase a report and supply us your email address and the URL you wish us to run the report on
  • We will arrange a convenient meeting time to discuss the results
  • We will email a PDF version of the report that will give you information about keywords and positions, estimated search traffic, search volume, cost per click, positioned URLs and competition strength.

Why not find out what keywords are working for your competitors website using our SEO benchmark report

If you need further help then why not book some additional contact time. Support package subscribers get up to 20% discount

Other reports available

Website Analyser

Run a complete crawl report on your website

  • check page titles and meta data
  • see how your pages are indexed
  • find broken links and errors
  • discover page load speeds

Plus we will arrange a chat to go through the results and email you a PDF version of the report.

Website Analyser

Complete website crawl report

Website Analyser

Cost £30+VAT [asp_product id="618"]

Additional Time

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Additional Time

Cost £25+VAT per 30 minutes Support package subscribers get up to 20% discount Select how many 30 minute blocks you want below

Monthly support

1 hour support, once a month covering site updates, security checks and a SEO report to keep your website running as it should.


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