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Ever wanted to know how those competitor websites who appear above you in the search engine results page get to where they are?

Search Engine Optimisation is a phrase that you hear a lot when talking about websites.

SEO is the practice of making your website more visible to search engines. If done well, it can promote your website in the organic (not paid for) listings when a relevent word/term/phrase has been typed in and searched for. Try putting in a search phrase that should bring your website up in the organic listing. You may find yourself at the top, but more likely, you will find a whole list of websites that are coming above you. There may even be one or two that always seem to appear at the top of the organic listings.

It's not magic

Finding out about the SEO process can seem like a daunting excercise, but you can make a start yourself by making use of our SEO Benchmark service.

Running a SEO benchmark report on a competitors website is a great way to gain some insider information that you may be able to apply to your website.

We can start to learn about what makes a competitors website rank above yours by discovering what keywords and phrases they use; what position those phrases rank in searches; how much competition there is for a particular word or phrase they use, as well as search volumes and cost per click prices for online advertising.

All good information that can help you get started with shaping your own SEO approach.

Report cost is £30+VAT including 15 minutes contact time – via telephone or online meeting.

What's next

  • Purchase a report and supply us your email address along with the URL you wish us to run the report on
  • We will arrange a convenient meeting time
  • We will email a PDF version of the report that will give you information about keywords and positions, estimated search traffic, search volume, cost per click, positioned URLs and competition strength.

Why not find out how you compare with a competitors website using our site vs site analysis report.

If you need further help then you can book additional contact time here.

Other reports available

SEO Benchmark

Get an insight into a competitors website

  • discover keywords/phrases used
  • search engine positions
  • estimated search volumes
  • competition strength

Plus we will arrange a chat to go through the results and email you a PDF version of the report.

SEO Benchmark

Get an insight into a competitors website


SEO Benchmark

Cost £30+VAT [asp_product id="586"]

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