rank tracking

monitor relevant keywords over time

monitor up to 5 competitor websites

keyword monitoring

Know what is going up...and what is going down

Rank Tracking is a report that allows you to see how your keywords rank on Google on a daily basis over an initial four week period.

You can specify the keywords you wish to track or we can compile a list based on your website content. It’s a great way to see how effective your SEO is.

Set up to get the information you need

When setting up rank tracking we can set various parameters for you, including whether you want to base the results on a national or more focused local search.

We can also set up what competitor websites you want to use as a comparison with yours. You can nominate up to 5 to give you a great insight as to how your chosen keywords are being used by others in your particular line of business.

The list of competitors and keywords can be amended for you during the 4 week period that the rank tracking runs, so you can fine tune your results. 

4 weeks rank tracking costs £80+VAT including 15 minutes contact time – via telephone or online meeting. This is usually arranged as a review at the end of the 4 week period.

What's next

  • Purchase a 4 week rank tracking block and supply us your email address
  • We will contact you to collect the competitor URLs and keywords you wish to track after purchase
  • We will arrange a convenient meeting time to coincide with the end of the 4 week run
  • PDF versions of the reports will be emailed weekly for the duration of the monitoring period. You can use this information to amend and improve the keywords used on your website

You can extend the monitoring period by purchasing additional 4 week blocks.

Other reports available

Rank Tracking

See how your keywords perform over a 4 week period

  • compare up to 5 competitor websites with yours
  • national or local search criteria
  • amend keywords tracked
  • amend competitors tracked

Plus we will arrange a chat to go through the results and email you weekly PDF reports.

Rank tracking

Follow keywords on your website and your competitors websites


Rank Tracking

Over 4 week period
Cost £80+VAT [asp_product id="667"]

Additional Time

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Additional Time

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Monthly support

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