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Monthly Support

This packages provides 1 hour of support, twelve times a year, at a reduced hourly cost that is 20% off our standard hourly rate. These are usually evenly spaced during the 12 months providing monthly support for your website. 

The support package includes the following :

Site updates

During our monthly check up we will look for any updates available to both the core code of the website as well as any plugins/components used. We will make every effort to carry out these updates as part of our monthly sweep of your site. We will inform you of any issues that may arise so they can be rectified as quickly as possible.

On rare occasions, critical updates are issued that need to be actioned as soon as possible. When this happens we will bring forward the schedule to carry out the update, after which the next monthly support will resort back to the planned date from the original schedule.

Security checks

We run a monthly site audit to check for file integrity to show up any possible malware or hacking attempts on your website. If any are found, then we will attempt to clean these off and rectify with the minimum of disruption to your website. Where possible we will look to resolve any issues within the quarterly support schedule, but will inform you if anything requires further investigation and where applicable, any costs that might be incurred.

Choose a report

As part of the monthly package we run a monthly report of your choice. You can choose between, Website Analysis, Single Page Analysis*, SEO benchmark or Backlink Analysis. Click on each for information about these reports.

*For a single URL only 

Keeping you informed

We will email you after we have carried out our monthly session to let you know how it went and if there is anything you should be aware of.

How much

The cost for this package is £480+vat per annum

Additional hours

Buy additional hours using the purchase panel on this page.

When you take out a monthly package we give you a coupon code that allows you to purchase additional hours at the 20% reduced rate.

You could use the time to carry out SEO improvements to your website based on information gained from running one of our SEO analysis reports.

Or get a new bit of functionality, add a new page or two, or just do some simple text changes and some new images optimised.

The choice as to how and when you use the time is entirely up to you.

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Additional Time

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Additional Time

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Quarterly Support

1 hour support, once a quarter covering site updates and security audits to help keep your website running smoothly.


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