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Design is not just about how it looks

We have been designing and building websites for years, so we know a trick or two!

Planning & designing a good website relies on getting a list of many different things right. How it looks is probably at the top of most peoples lists. But what it offers the end user and how is does that is just as important.

Our approach is simple

We now offer our expertise in a standalone website planning pack. It’s a great place to start – especially if you don’t know where to start!

The planning pack can be used for when you plan to build a new website or review and update an existing one. 

Maybe you want to sell a product; provide your customers with an information portal, have a promotional site or a social hub. Maybe you just want a website, but really don’t know how to get things started.

Our Website Planning Pack gives us the opportunity to chat about how you would like your website to work and look once the whole process has been completed. We establish and guide the ideas and aims discussed into a workable set of key objectives that can be used as a framework for when you start work on your website.

We don’t produce extensive reports or quotes with pages of jargon infested copy that no one really understands or wants to read. Instead we put together our ideas using various online sharing tools to put up ideas and comments that will evolve and provide a complete representation of our discussions concerning the whole website design process. The aim is always to visualise and produce the best website planning guide that works for you.

No amount of slick graphics are going to make up for a website that has no clear plan.

We use the completed planning guide as a framework during our build and development process. But even if you are planning to develop and build your own website, having a tailored planning guide to work from could save you an awful lot of time and money.

Planning Pack

Areas covered include :

  • key website functionality
  • website navigational structure
  • layout & design advice
  • marketing/seo aims
  • key visual design aims
  • source and use of images
  • future content and updating
  • hosting and ongoing costs

With guaranteed 1 on 1 meetings and discussions, we will compile a uniquely tailored planning guide to enable you to build or re-purpose your website.

Website Planning Pack

A standalone service to help plan the next steps for your website


Website Planning Pack

Cost of package £200+VAT [asp_product id="966"]