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Not interested in how it all works?

Well, you will be in the majority, if that is the case.

Most want something that is like driving a car – when you push the accelerator you want the thing to move. How the oily bits achieve this is not something you need, or want to know.

Don’t worry, you don’t have to get your hands dirty! We look after those bits. We’ll discuss with you the choices that are available, which won’t necessarily change the way the website appears to the person who is browsing it, but for you it makes a difference in how you manage and look after your website.

A non technical solution for keeping your website pages up to date

Establishing who looks after your website and how technical they want to get, is one of the considerations we think of when putting everything together for you.

Maybe you want full control to do everything yourself? No problem, you can have access all areas of your website and hosting. Or maybe you just want to add and update pages. You can even have us on standby if your ambitions outgrow your technical capabilities, or you are just too busy doing the day job.

Our websites are usually built using a content management system (CMS). There are many out there, but the two we focus on are  Joomla and  Wordpress. Unless you have a particular preference, we will select the system that best suits what we have set out with you when going through the design process.

Making sure it works for you

  • Build the website  using a recognised content management system
  • Make sure you can manage the areas you want to look after
  • Advice and help on content creation
  •   Advice and help on image usage and optimisation
  • Host on fully managed high specification servers

Additional Time

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Find out about our support packages that can help you with all aspects of keeping your website secure and up to date

Website SEO/Marketing

See how we can make sure your website gets the attention it deserves. No point in having a website that no one can find!


Hosted on UK servers, we offer high quality hosting packages that come with our top notch support as standard.