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Do you know who is linking to your website?

Why does it matter?

Well backlinks are another part of the SEO toolkit that helps determine where your website appears on the search engine results page.

The assumption is that the content of a page must be good if other sites covering related topics are linking to it. When a page has other websites referring to it, then the search engines place a greater emphasis on the pages integrity – this is referred to as a pages authority. But as always, there is more to consider: Where is the link coming from? Is it a trusted source? Is the link a follow, or nofollow link? Both versions can drive traffic to your website, but a follow link adds to your page authority score, where as a nofollow link doesn’t.

Competitor insight

Find out who is linking to your website. Or wouldn’t it be great to see a list of backlinks for a competitors website? Getting an insight into links to a website and their value should give you ideas as to how you could improve and develop your own website backlinks.

Backlink Analysis will give you a list of links for a specified domain name. Links are listed with information including trust and popularity scores, a url showing where it is coming from along with the domain, a url showing where the referrel is pointing too and whether the link is a follow or nofollow.

Report cost is £30+VAT including 15 minutes contact time – via telephone or online meeting

What's next

  • Purchase a report and supply us your email address along with the URL you wish us to run the report on
  • We will arrange a convenient meeting time
  • We will email a PDF version of the report that will supply a list of backlinks for the nominated domain with information including domain influence, link authority, anchor text and destination URL

Why not find out how you compare with a competitors website using our site vs site analysis report.

If you need further help then you can book additional contact time here.

Other reports available

Backlink Analysis

Report gives you a list of backlinks for a nominated domain name. Use it to see who is linking to your website or get a report to see a list of backlinks for a competitors website

  • find out a links reputation
  • discover new link opportunities
  • evaluate a pages visibility

Plus we will arrange a chat to go through the results and email you a PDF version of the report.

Backlink Analysis

Get a list of backlinks for a nominated domain


Backlink Analysis

Cost £30+VAT [asp_product id="651"]

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