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why far design ?

It is true these days that anybody can build a website.

There are enough “off the shelf” solutions out there to make choosing one a bit of a chore!

But the thing is – if these solutions are so good, why are we still here – designing, building and looking after websites?

Why not have a go...

Sometimes it is good to have a go yourself. That’s what DIY is all about. It can be fun learning on the job – you make a few mistakes here and there and learn a few things along the way. In the process you might even save yourself a few quid!

But sometimes it is a good idea to admit that it might be better, and more cost effective, to get someone in. Whereas DIY fills your spare time as you wrestle with the intricacies of a mortice joint, learning how to get the best out of a DIY website build package can eat into the time you usually use to earn money.

Plus, simple mistakes that are inevitable when starting out could have a detrimental effect on how your website performs later on.

What the...?

That tends to be the start of the sentence when something doesn’t go to plan. Going back to our DIY analogy, it might mean that your wood working skills were not quite up to scratch. You can put it down to experience and have another go.

But can you afford to apply that philosophy to your website? It’s your window on the world, where anyone can take a peak and see what you have to offer. It would be a shame to find that it has broken for some reason and you haven’t got the time to fix it.

Need help?

Well, that is exactly what we give. Every stage of website development – from concept to build, hosting through to ongoing support – we have a package for every step.

We have carefully put together various packages to support you at whatever stage you are at with your website. Find out more by using the links below.

Or you could just try going the DIY route….


Find out how, with our comprehensive planning, help and guidance, you can make your website work as it should


Find out how we build websites using the latest content management systems including WordPress and Joomla

Website SEO/Marketing

See how we can make sure your website gets the attention it deserves. No point in having a website that no one can find!


Find out about our support packages that can help you with all aspects of keeping your website secure and up to date